Now Collect in 10+ popular currencies USD, EUR, GBP, AED, AUD, SGD, HKD, and 6 other eurozone currencies.

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    International Account

    Global account, local comfort

    Easily expand into new markets with multiple local receiving accounts

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    Instant FIRA

    Instant FIRA. zero stress

    Get FIRA instantly in your inbox. Or download it any time from dashboard!

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    Swift Tracking

    No follow-ups, track payments

    Track your payment in real-time and know where your money is at all times

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100% safe and complaint • Powered by JPMorgan Chase & Co. • RBI Regulated

Now supports
13 currencies

  • USD (United States Dollar)
  • GBP (British Pound)
  • EUR (Euro)
  • AED (United Arab Emirates Dirham)
  • AUD (Australian Dollar)
  • CHF (Swiss Franc)
  • CZK (Czech Koruna)
  • DKK (Danish Krone)
  • HKD (Hong Kong Dollar)
  • PLN (Polish Złoty)
  • SGD (Singapore Dollar)
  • SEK (Swedish Krona)

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Questions & Answers

Find answers to all your queries about our service.

  • How do I open a CrossborderPe International Account?

    To open an account, simply complete the registration process and submit the required documents. Our onboarding is quick and user-friendly.

  • What currencies can I receive in my CrossborderPe International Account?

    CrossborderPe International Account supports a variety of major currencies, including USD, GBP, EUR, and more. You can receive payments in multiple currencies within the same account.

  • Can freelancers and small businesses use CrossborderPe International Account?

    Absolutely! CrossborderPe International Account is open to freelancers, sole proprietors, limited companies, partnerships, and limited liability partnerships, offering inclusive solutions for businesses of all sizes.

  • How long does it take for international payments to be credited to my CrossborderPe International Account?

    The time it takes for international payments to be credited to your CrossborderPe International Account may vary depending on various factors, including the sender's bank and the chosen payment method. In general, most international payments are processed within 2 hours*.

  • Is CrossborderPe International Account compliant with RBI regulations?

    Yes, CrossborderPe International Account operates in strict compliance with Reserve Bank of India (RBI) regulations, ensuring the security and legality of your international transactions.

  • Is my money safe in my CrossborderPe International Account?

    CrossborderPe prioritizes the security and safety of your funds. We employ robust security measures, including encryption and multi-factor authentication, to protect your account and transactions.